Product Summary:The Rancilio Silvia M is one of the top selling, most popular home espresso machines..

 Beautiful long lasting brass and copper finish combination.Bakelite handle on portafilter.Thre..

Product Summary:One of the higher-end espresso machines on the market intended for home use, the han..

Product Summary:This is the ultimate espresso machine for home usage, created by world famous high-e..

Product Summary:The latest Oscar (II) model from Nuova Simonelli is a more stylish, chrome-plated ma..

Technical Specifications Voltage: 110 volt Net Weight: 22 lbs Dimensions: 6,25'' (W) x ..

  Stepless grind adjustment Extremely low blade speed (1600 rpm) Motor output 300 watt ..

Stepless micrometrical grind adjustmentLow blade speed (1600 rpm)Motor output 350 wattGrinding burrs..

 Stepless micrometrical grind adjustment.Extremely low blade speed (1600 rpm).Motor output 250 ..

Small & Powerful:• Suitable for extensive use in coffee shops, depots and coffee roasters• A..

Powerful Combination:- Exceptionally robust grinder with high grinding capacity- Suitable for differ..

 Power - 650 WattGrinding blades - 83 mm (3 1/4 inches)Grinding blade speed - 1400r.p.m.(50Hz) ..

Automatic Operation On/Off and Bag Interlock Switch - machine willgrind only when bag is in placeCl..

G3 Digital Control Modulecomplex flavor from simple controls.  Precise, digital fine-tuning of ..

Precise “gourmet” control over all critical functions The G3 Digital Control Moduleprovides you ..

G3 Digital Control ModuleComplex flavor from simple controls. Precise, digital fine-tuning of the br..